Digital Services and Products


Digital products and services development

We offer full stack solutions and consultancy services focused on open source and standard technologies and standar technologies, based in Madrid. We have a 10+ years experience working in web tecnologies for companies.

We like to create good software products based on good design principles and heavy testing.


Goverment and instituonal Solutions

Work covering technological needs for administrations is essential part of our porfolio; local goverments as Ayuntamiento de Getafe and Ayuntamiento de Toledo are part of our customers with those we have customizing and  implanting Consul comes from the work that we have done with  Participa Getafe and Toledo Participa both are adapted and maintained by  Strings. Bilbao Económico is another work for Ayuntamiento de Bilbao in collaboration with Digital5.


Business Solutions

As part of our portfolio we have created solutions in several fields as: Inner Communication, Sales plaftorm, Marketing and Enterprise Management for big customers as Bolsas y Mercados Españoles, AMC, Fundación Manantial, BRK.

Transmedia, Dataviz and Teaching resources

We also enjoy creating Data Visualization created using huge datasets; Mix video content with sound, text, images and data to tell a story from a browser or create interactive games playable from a webpage has been examples of our workin in Transmedia field where we have published dozens of articles in collaboration with 93Metros. Examples as 800.000 (2016 Data Global Awards nominated) and publications in Cambio16 and El Español. We have also created interactive teaching project for Dirección General de Tráfico in collaboration with Drimway Studios. An example of presencial website for rich-portfolio was done for AZPML Architecs in collaboration with A. Puente.

Products for companies

We have created Könta ERP as tool for big companies to allow management, digital signature, integration with goverments services as FACE and ready to customize for special needs.

Konta-Message is a tool to send thousans of emails and sms for companies. It allows creating custom templates to use with big databases to create effective communications. Also integrable via API with existing tools.

Can we help you?

You can contact us via email at or by phone (+34) 91 216 15 10 (AH 9.00-15.00).